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Indonesia Freight is serious about maintaining the strength and quality of its membership and carefully considers any application to join this elite network. Every potential member is individually examined, usually with a visit from our network staff, for financial strength and experience. Indonesia Freight also seeks references from an applicant's current national trading partners.

The vast majority of applications are rejected and only those which satisfy Indonesia Freight's stringent standards are welcomed into the network. Even then, there are continual check on a company's performance to ensure it meets the standards of the group and adheres to the Indonesia Freight Code of Ethics of which defines trading between members. The result is a group on Indonesia Freight were carefully selected freight forwarders of the highest standards of professionalism and reliability who can work with each other in complete confidence.

Phone : +62 81259544896

Facsimile : + 62 21 29622470

Mail : webheliosteam@gmail.com

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Ruko Jatiwaringin Junction Kav. 11, Jalan Jatiawaringin Raya No. 24, Jakarta Timur 13620 DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Tel : + (62) - 21 29622471
Mail : support@indonesiafreight.com
Business Hours : 9:30 - 5:30

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Indonesia Freight website is a networking forum for Indonesian Freight & Logistics Company, so no matter where you need to send a shipment within Indonesia, you will find the right agent you can rely on. Indonesia Freight Network works tirelessly to identify the right partners/agents for members because we have our senior staff who have vast experience and will help members to make long-standing relationships that can work together.